High reliability AC/DC power supply/driver

Designed to drive induction lighting systems in harsh environmental & line source conditions

Advanced cooling system allows reliable operation at extreme temperatures


  • The customer for this project developed an Induction light product specifically designed to service high temperature applications for Mill/Factory environments. Induction light sources are well known to provide operation to ~100,000 hours which is ideal for the intended end application.
  • Unfortunately, the standard power supplies/drivers available primarily for Asian suppliers are not rated to operate in high temperatures nor are they well designed to handle the harsh line transient conditions seen in many industrial plants. As a result, the long-life lighting product could not be realized due to the sub-standard power supplies being used to drive the light fixtures. ATS was contacted in an effort to find a long-life solution.


  • Samples of the entire light fixture was sent for evaluation by ATS.
  • An evaluation of the present sources design was quickly done and determined to be inadequate.
  • The ATS engineer team quickly determined that a modified version of a standard, high reliability, LED power supply/driver could be used to replace the current sources product.
  • Within 1 weeks’ time ATS engineers had a fully functioning prototype that lit the induction light, provided the needed line protection features and could operate to extreme temperatures.
  • Sources of supply where then established to meet the project cost objectives.
  • Production support had to be planned in parallel to the development effort.


The solution for this application came from a modified version of a high reliability power supply/driver that ATS provides for a high powered, sports venue, LED lighting system. Adjustments were made to the input circuitry to ensure reliable operation through extreme line conditions. Using knowledge gained in advanced cooling techniques for ATS’ military power converter products, a cooling system was incorporated that would allow reliable operation at extreme temperatures required. To ensure long life operation, extended life components, such as aluminum electrolytic capacitors & extended temperature active components where selected for use.


The outcome was a fully compliant power supply driver that operates reliably through severe power line conditions and at elevated temperatures. Alliance Technical Solutions has the experience and knowledge to perform similar tasks for all its present and future customers. Challenge us now!!

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