A revolutionary, ruggedized, AC/DC power supply/driver

Drives a first-of-its-kind high power LED lighting system

Used at high-end sports venues

Reliable in challenging environments


  • The customer for this application searched far and wide for a power supply/driver for this unique application without success. To meet the needs of this new lighting system, the PS/driver needed to be revolutionary in capability, performance & very light weight. A full-on custom design using innovative topologies and knowledge of package ruggedization, and advanced cooling techniques were required.
  • On top of these challenges, the design through initial production delivery cycle time was required within a 3-month window. ATS was chosen to take on the task.


The challenges on this project were extreme to say the least.

The ATS project team worked with the customer's engineering staff to determine the area available for the driver. Since weight was critical, a rough system efficiency had to be established so the mechanical team could design the required heatsinks. As such, the base electrical design had to be completed before the mechanical design was done so simulations could be completed giving us the needed information.

Since time was so limited ATS attempted a first pass board layout in what was ultimately to become the final configuration. In parallel with the electrical and mechanical design teams’ tasks, ATS firmware engineers worked directly with the customer to ensure communications requirements were understood and proper details were provided to the board designers to accommodate the required communication system.

Custom material items included: PCB, main xsformer, bias xsformer, input/output chokes, custom communications firmware, heatsinks, manufacturing fixtures, test equipment & burn in fixtures. Testing, including safety agency, EMI and abnormal condition testing had to be completed. The ATS team even went so far as to aid the customer with initial field installations.


The solution was a ground up custom design with the follow features and performance.

  • Input Voltage Range: 190VAC to 525VAC, 47 – 63 Hz. Power Factor: >.95%
  • Input transient protection with built in peak current detection circuitry.
  • Output: 36VDC capable of 1400 watts peak & 1200 watts continuous.
  • 24v auxiliary output capable of 2 watts
  • RS-485 communication for light control and health reporting
  • Field programmability function, hard wire or wireless
  • Protection features: OVP, OCP, SSP, OT-SD, Peak current detect
  • High system level efficiency of <95% at full load
  • Light weight: <3 lbs (without heatsink)


The outcome was a fully compliant power supply/driver that met the customers needs, supported their schedule and allowed them to deliver the first of its kind, state-of-the-art LED lighting product that has helped revolutionize the sports lighting industry. Thousands of these products are now manufactured yearly by ATS. Alliance Technical Solution has the knowledge & experience to perform similar tasks for all its present and future customers. Challenge us now!!

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