Highly Reliable

Multiple output DC/DC converter system

Designed to operate from military vehicles

Stands up to harsh environmental conditions


  • The customer for this project was awarded a fast deployment contract for a field mobile radar system that would be critical for defense of US troops and our allies in “hotspots” throughout the world.
  • At the time of initial contact, the power supply needs where not fully understood. A large time & resource commitment would be required from ATS to make this project a success.


A kick-off meeting was held with the customer and ATS technical & project leaders where a detailed plan was documented. ATS electrical, mechanical & firmware engineers worked very closely with the customers engineering team in an effort to identify all the systems critical operational requirements, mechanical footprint objectives & communication protocols. An initial technical approach was presented by ATS.

The team worked closely to create a source control drawing that could be agreed upon by both parties. The prototype effort was kicked off and within a few short weeks the initial system was delivered for the customers initial evaluation. Last minute specification changes forced a few system level tweaks before a few pre-production units were produced and approved by the customer. Production support had to be planned in parallel to the development effort. All plans ultimately came together and ATS is now supporting production needs.


Due to the short delivery cycle time required, and the need for a high-power density solution, ATS choose to use several standard-off-the-shelf modular DC/DC converter blocks as the main backbone of the power train. Around these modular bricks ATS engineers would add:

  • Input filtering with transient protection compliant with Mil-Std-461 & Mil-Std-1275
  • Input reverse polarity protection.
  • Each DC output was equipped with a custom designed low noise linear regulator circuit to ensure the lowest possible noise floor on each output.
  • Fan control circuits were added so as to provide control and intelligence to the customers cooling system.
  • A system wide health monitoring system added to control and report all input, output & temperature functionality to the host control system.
  • Qualifications units were produced in order for the customer to ensure environmental needs were met. These included; Temperature, vibration, shock, altitude, & humidity.
  • Electrical compliance testing, including a full sweep of EMI tests were one in order to ensure compatibility at the end item system level.


The outcome was a fully compliant power converter that met the customers needs, supported their schedule and allowed them to deliver a state of the art radar system that has been fielded and is in operation with US military and its allies throughout the world. Alliance Technical Solution has the experience and knowledge to perform similar tasks for all it’s present and future customers. Challenge us now!!

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