The SATS227 series standard product has a proven history of use in military aircraft applications where performance under harsh conditions are required. This product family utilizes a commercial-off-the-shelf modular construction method which allows for ease of configuration modifications.

Military Applications of all Types & Environments - COTS Modular Construction

The SATS227 series product was originally developed for use in military UAV applications. Due to its COTS design configuration, these systems are highly configurable for a variety of input/output voltages & power level requirements.

These systems include input, output & temperature protection features, and have digitally controlled functionality for ease of configuration modification. Contact ATS for the configuration that you need.

Product Request

16 – 36VDC Input per Mil-Std-704. Other input ranges may be possible upon request
Output: configurable. Up to 3 isolated DC outputs with a maximum of 1000 watts total power
Protection: Input transient, Over-voltage, Over-current, Over-Temperature
Communication Options: I²C, RS-232, RS488 & other options available upon request
EMI Compliance: Per Mil-Std-461 (CE, CS, RE, RS)
Operating temperature range: -40°C to 90°C ambient

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